Featuring scenes from North East England, The Dales of Yorkshire and Durham
                                          and the Lake District. 
  Based in Sunderland, England .
Email:   paintings@artbyraybradshaw,com  
Artist at work - Ray Bradshaw

art by ray bradshaw

Original paintings and prints

   from a North East Artist

Art by Ray Bradshaw Dales of Yorkshire and Durham

An evening stroll

Sold through The Fat Sheep, Reeth.

Oh no, not again Shep        -  Private Collector


Through the meadows          -  Private Collector


Gunna go Inn   -   Private Collector

Run for the Dales                                                          Sold through The Old School Gallery, Muker.

Boot Sale         -   Private Collector

Title: Parading Band

The Auction.                                                           
   Sold through The Old School Gallery Muker

Ducking under the bridge

 Sold through Muker Gallery


Country Showtime.                                          

 Sold to Overseas International Art Collector


Running for the Hills

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery

A passing Shower !

 Sold to Overseas International Art Collector through Muker Art Gallery.



A Crowded Showground.

 Sold to Overseas International Art Collector through Muker Art Gallery.

A glass after the brass                                   
          Sold through the Old School Gallery Muker.                                     

Who Needs Chat Rooms ?

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery

Brassed off at the Farmers.

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery

Shut Gate, next time !

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery

Who let the sheep out ?

 Sold through Muker Art gallery

Baa, baa too tight !

 Sold through Muker Art gallery

Woof, round 'em up lads !

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery.

Resting at the Farmers

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery

All comes to those who Thwaite !

 Sold through Muker Art Gallery.

Red Lion Life

Commission Sale for overseas client.


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    Sandra Penney August 2013
    A Joyous View - print
  • "Just got back from my holiday and wanted to get in touch to say I've unwrapped 'shoreline walkies' and I'm absolutely delighted with it. It's always a gamble to buy a piece o..."
    Helen Sibley 18th August 2013
    Shoreline Walkies - original .

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